Meetings Help Page

As technology has changed the City of Bellingham has used a variety of paper based and more recently software based solutions to manage meetings. This application provides electronic access to City Council and Planning Commisison meetings starting in April 2014. For meeting materials from 1992 through March 2014, please visit the Meetings Archive page. Meeting materials for the various boards and commissions are linked to on their individual pages.

Meetings between April 2014 and the Recent/Current meetings can be access via the 'All Meetings' page. This page allows uses to find meetings based on search, meeting type and meeting date range. If using the Search Text option to search for a specific phrase, please enclose the phrase in quotation marks. For example if searching for dig once, enter "dig once" into the search text. With out the quotes, the results will include matches for 'dig' and 'once' separately. Note that the default date range is set for Recent/Upcoming. To search the entire collection, change the Date Range to 'Custom Date Range' with a start date of April 2014 or earlier.

For additional help finding meeting materials, please contact the Council Administration Office.